This low-profile mechanical keyboard is designed for smooth workflow

Mechanical Keyboard is one accessory that’s highly personal for good reason if you spend a chunk of your day typing away letters. Whether you are a professional content creator like me, a coder, digital artist, streamer, or simply a gamer – the keyboard is something you’ll totally obsess over if it’s right or totally curse it if not to your taste!

Sure, we’ve seen different styles of keyboards in our lifetime – some with addictive tactile keys and others with ergonomic design to die for, but rarely do we come across a product design that’s the best of both. The Knob 1 keyboard is one of them.

Designer: Benjamin Fryc

This low-profile mechanical keyboard has a chick combination of modern and classic design technology to achieve a form that’s not only ergonomically tuned but also highly desirable. Such types of keyboards are becoming popular owing to their faster and more accurate input – making you type faster than normal mechanical keyboards. Keychron K3, Fnatic Streak65 LP, Corsair K70 and Razer DeathStalker are some good references to look up.

Being a 3D Artist and Motion Designer, Ben has used his keen sense for real-life usage to create the Knob 1 keyboard that hits the right spot and should appeal to most IT professionals. Everything is right out of the utilitarian handbook for maximum productivity. There’s a small vertical display on one side to display current time or any notifications from your PC, so that the actual workable area of your screen can stay clutter and distraction-free. Then there’s the Mac and PC toggle switch for power users.

The two customary knobs above the display can be used for actions including scrolling content, increasing or decreasing volume, and granular controls like zoom-in/zoom-out and Undo/Redo. The color-coded key separation has been kept simple and the lack of LED backlight keys could be a deal breaker for some. Other than that, this low-profile keyboard does most things right to make it to the desks of the most demanding users!