Magnetic modular elements of this design let you play and arrange your Bluetooth speaker + lamp

Because I live in a relatively small space, I’m always on the lookout for furniture and gadgets that can serve more than just one purpose. I like seeing concepts, designs, and sometimes actual products that can be both functional and decorative and can have multiple uses for my house. I also like designs that let me play around with the pieces to match my mood or the aesthetics of my room. To find something that fits all of these interests is rare and will catch my attention.

Designer: Francesco Cappuccio

The Scacco Matto, named after the Italian word for checkmate, is a concept for a Bluetooth speaker and lamp that is modular. It lets the user interact with the piece as you can choose how it will look like by arranging and re-arranging the components according to what you need or want at the moment. The designer says there are five potential combinations that you can come up with using the three distinct components included in the package. They are all held together by magnets so think of it like you’re putting together a lego set although this time with magnets.

The components include cyclical and circular parts and there should also be several lamp and sound options no matter what design you choose to put together. The pieces are powered by internal batteries and because of the third component, which looks like small bowls, you can use the device up to 40 hours when fully charged. This component sits between the speaker and the lamp. All the components have Wireless Charging Module Inductive/Receivers.

The product renders show different colors including blue, red, green, yellow, pink, purple, etc. If it becomes an actual product, it should be interesting how the speaker’s sound quality will be like and how the lamp can also function in your space. It looks to be a pretty interesting concept for all the reasons I previously mentioned but it also depends on the actual quality if it’s something I’d consider adding to my limited space.