LEGO goes ASMR with this calming nature-inspired playlist created using the sounds of LEGO blocks

LEGO launched its newest Insect Collection this week which was originally conceived by LEGO fan José Maria from Spain. Maria submitted the design to LEGO Ideas, where it received over 10,000 votes, and was later converted into a real collection. To celebrate the launch, LEGO also unveiled a little surprise – an ASMR “Green Noise” playlist to accompany the collection. This nature-inspired playlist includes the sounds of each insect in the collection reimagined using the clicks and clacks of LEGO bricks.

Designer: LEGO

LEGO teamed up with Emmy-nominated Foley artist Sanaa Kelley, who is an expert at creating interesting sound effects from everyday objects. “Our collaboration has felt like a full-circle moment as a few years ago, I embarked on a course to learn more about insects to debunk my fears and enhance my knowledge of the sounds they make,” Kelley said in a statement. “This was a first at my studio and challenged me to be incredibly creative with my approach to Foley.”

The collection includes diverse insects such as the blue morpho butterfly, Hercules beetle, and Chinese mantis. Kelley used the bricks that would be used to build each insect and recreated their beautiful iconic flutters, by utilizing the clicks, clacks, and snaps made by those very bricks and combining them with Foley techniques. Each track is almost forty-five minutes long and can be streamed directly on LEGO’s website by anyone, including those who haven’t purchased the set. The whole playlist is three hours long in total, which should give you enough time to build the collection while listening to it.

The LEGO collection is available for preorder and will be launched on September 7th. It is intended for adults since it is known that 3 in 5 adults spend less than an hour each day relaxing. This adorable set is an effort on the part of LEGO to bring some peace and calm into our everyday chaotic lives, and give us an opportunity to relax and unwind with a soothing activity. And I can totally imagine LEGO lovers building the Blue Morpho Butterfly sitting on a branch in the South American Amazon Rainforest with a flower and a tiny honeybee on it, or the Hercules Beetle sitting on a piece of decaying log with its removable bricks, and calming their frenzied minds!