Interactive Sound Sculpture

Who doesn’t remember makeshift telephones made of wire and cans? The Invoxicated interactive play sculpture is a bit like that, but a bit more complex, a lot cooler looking, and it actually works! Children can explore the playful qualities of sound by talking into one end of the sculpture to produce sound for the listener on the other end. By bending parts of the sculpture and pressing its various buttons, a multitude of sound effects can be achieved in real time.

Designer: Karl-Johan Ekeroth

Invoxicated from Buztown on Vimeo.


  • rhe says:

    Wow, that is so cool. I would love to play with it myself. And the video explains everything so nicely. Great object to entertain people outdoors (and not only children) – I think it would be really great to have such ‘sound sculptures’ it in different forms in cities around the globe.

  • This is really cool looking and is always a hit with kids…however, it is not new. Many parks and playgrounds already have this exact same sculpture in different forms, some even go underground and come back up. Fun though!

  • Karl-Johan Ekeroth says:

    Thanks for your comment.

    The new thing with this product though, is not its shape but its function. The interactive electronics inside gives a new experience to an old type of play equipment. Check out the video.


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