Flying cars may soon become a reality as this test Model-A is open for Preorders

When we were watching sci-fi TV shows and movies, we probably dreamt of eventually having those vehicles, gadgets, and other technology that they were showing off there. We’re in the year 2023 and while there have been some major advancements already, we still have some ways to go when it comes to things like hoverboards and flying cars. But apparently, we might be closer than we’ve been thinking as an aeronautics company has taken one step closer to having an actual flying car on the road, or rather, in the sky.

Designer: Alef Aeronautics (Open for Pre-Order Now!)

The California-based sustainable electric transportation company Alef Aeronautics was able to receive government certification to fly its Model-A flying car over some parts of the state, specifically Silicon Valley. It is apparently the first of its kind and is able to function like what a real car on the road would do but is able to do a vertical takeoff and fly through the skies. It may not the flying car that we’ve envisioned just yet because of The Jetsons and Back to the Future but it’s one step closer to having vehicles other than planes and helicopters up there.

It is an electric vehicle that looks like a customized luxury car or something that’s from one of those sci-fi movies where flying cars are the norm. The front and sides have some grill type of panels that probably have something to do with the technology that allows it to fly. Obviously they will not reveal yet much of their secrets but the CEO Jim Dukovny claims that their car is even safer than the regular cars on the road. You can actually park and use it just like a regular car and then when you need it to fly, you just do a vertical takeoff.

Obviously, something like this will cost a lot. For now the price tag is $300,000 and they’re still getting a lot of pre-orders. Eventually, they want to be able to bring it down to 100K and then 35K so that the “average consumer” will still get a chance to own one. There are still many steps to go including regulations in cities and countries that will have it, but it’s still a pretty exciting development to have.