This Vespa dupe has the retro-modern looks to kill but disappoints with underpowered electric motor

Cargo e-bikes and e-scooters are a good option to go around town, but if you get something better, then why not go for it? Meet Lampago, a trike with vintage styling and modern features, carrying a Vespa-like charm for keen motorists. The two-seater city commuter is the work of the Turkish design trio – Yavuz Cinkaya, Osman Colcak, and Selen Sarkaya.

So far, electric trikes don’t have much to brag about their looks, but this one is different. It comes in 9 different color options including Ivory White, Ocean Blue, Sunrise Yellow, Lake Cyan, Stormy Grey, Desert Gold, Volcano Red, Forest Green, and Sunset Pink. So, there’s one for everyone out there. To top it off, the electric trike will come with the option to customize the body, front section and the fabric color used in the interior.

Designer: Lampago

The personal mobility vehicle’s name is inspired by the Spanish word for lightning, which is in a way ironic as it is only capable of hitting a top speed of 28 miles per hour. That however is understandable since trikes can become unstable at high speeds around corners and lower speeds mean more safer riding. On the brighter side of things, the Lampago doesn’t require a motorcycle license in Europe where it will be sold initially. Rather it needs a class AM or A1 license meant for trikes or two-wheelers having a 50cc or lower powered engine. So, calling it a moped would not be wrong.

The two-tone color scheme instantly gravitates attention and the diminutive left-side door is a good addition. Chesterfield leather upholstery for the seats adds to the retro appeal of this lovechild of a Vespa. Vintage accents are highlighted by the inclusion of a rear storage bag and spare wheel cover. All this embellishment more than makes up for the underpowered belly of the e-trike.

Talking of the specifications, Lampago gets an average 30Ah Li-ion battery with a capacity of 1.8 kWh churning out just 60V power. The total range on a single charge is also average at around 25-45 miles depending on driving habits. While the 1,000W electric motor leaves a whole lot to be desired, the e-trike has an innovative tech-powered riding system that needs to be tested in real-life conditions before drawing any conclusions.

Lampago is positioned as a fun proposition for city driving with a total weight carrying capacity of 200 kg. How it will fair on hilly roads is still questionable given it has less power than an electric bicycle!