This smart pull-up bar enhances home workout regimes with goal-oriented approach

Working out is the best thing you can do for a healthy lifestyle but some skip this regime owing to time constraints. Having a home gym setup is the best option to get over this quandary, provided it is a compact one. That’s because elaborate gym setups take up a lot of space and most homes don’t have this luxury. More so when city apartment living is a trend and space is a luxury.

This calls for a compact smart gym that takes up minimum space with maximum results when it comes to working out each day. The best thing you can invest in is a pull-up bar and also perform daily push-ups. For the former one needs specialized equipment, while the latter can be performed anywhere. So how about a smart pull-up bar that integrates with your other smart home gym equipment?

Designer: Louis Berger

Pull-ups can be great for toning back muscles, shoulders, forearms and triceps – provided the form is correct and other parts of the body are not unnecessarily strained. This smart pull-up bar dubbed Grip is designed to ensure that each one of your pull-ups is as perfect as it can be. The smart sensors on the hand grips and middle section of the bar keep track of the correct posture and beam prompts if anything is out of order.

The integrated smartphone app keeps track of your daily activity and creates automatic workout plans best suited for you. The added sensors for tracking body fat and muscle mass guide you through the process to achieve the desired fit body shape. This smart bar can be combined with other workout accessories to widen the scope of workouts possible at home without the need for any bulky machines.

Grip pull-up bar can be adjusted for the best ergonomic positioning depending on each individual’s needs. Thus, making it a compact workout accessory for any kind of fitness enthusiast who doesn’t want to restrict daily workouts due to constricted indoor space.