Logitech Casa Pop-up Desk offers a more ergonomic way to use your laptop anywhere

As convenient and powerful as laptops might be, they’re the least ergonomic computers in use today, at least if use them on their own. Sure, you can hook up an external monitor or put it on a stand, but you’ll also need to connect a separate keyboard and mouse to be able to comfortably use the laptop in that setup. That’s fine when you’re working in the office, but totally inconvenient anywhere else, even at home. Carrying these different pieces with you around is already a chore, but keeping them neatly bundled together is just as much a hassle. The past three years have seen a drastic change in the way we work and where we work, and Logitech is making sure we’re all well-prepared for this hybrid setup with what can be best described as a bento box that will let you work with your laptop in an ergonomic fashion anywhere you need to.

Designer: Logitech

Laptop design, which hasn’t significantly changed in the past decades, is full of ergonomic flaws. It forces you to crane your neck down, and the cramped keyboard easily strains your wrists and arms. Elevating the laptop screen to a more natural eye level is possible with a stand, but that also requires you to give up the laptop’s built-in keyboard and trackpad for separate accessories. Keeping them all together in a tidy space can be a chore, but the new Logitech Casa Pop-up Desk solves that in a beautiful and effective manner.

In its closed state, the Logitech Casa looks almost like a giant fabric-covered notebook or book, complete with an elastic band to make sure it remains closed. It’s a stylish design that won’t look out of place on your desk, in your bag, or even on your shelf, looking just like any other stationery or book in your collection. Looks can be deceiving, as they say, and opening this “book” up reveals a different kind of treasure, one that’s aimed to boost your productivity wherever you decide to set up shop.

There are sections for the wireless keyboard and wireless touchpad that comes with the package, and there’s also a covered compartment for things like cables, pens, and other small items. More importantly, the cover angles up to become an elevated stand for your laptop, raising its screen higher to reduce neck strain and promote proper sitting posture. Together with the wireless keyboard and touchpad, the Casa Pop-up Desk quickly sets up an ergonomic office anywhere while making sure that all the important pieces are stored safely once you’re done and ready to jet.

The Logitech Casa supports any laptop between 10 to 17 inches and under 7.5kg, which pretty much covers most of the “portable” laptops in the market today. It does still require you to prop up your tools on a desk and not on your lap, but that is also the common case even for those working away from the office. Available in three beautiful color combinations, the Logitech Casa Pop-up Desk cost 179.99 GBP, around $230, though there is no word yet on availability in other markets.