This cabinet is designed to help you organize + sanitize your clothes and accessories

I am not the most organized person. Sure, I can organize my notes and files but when it comes to things like my books, journaling stuff, and especially my clothes, you’ll find them strewn around in different parts of my apartment. I will occasionally get the urge to fix stuff but most of the time, I live in my own world of organized chaos. Of course, I want to improve this part of myself so if there are accessories or furniture that can help me out, I would be interested. This is the claim of this concept for a minimal mini-cabinet, although it’s hard for me to imagine how it will help me change my storage habits.

Designer: Yujin Lee for 210 PD.GROUP

Evelopper is a concept for an alternative clothing storage solution that doesn’t involve using your couch, bed, or even exercise system to “store” various pieces of clothing. At first glance it looks like a stereo or a mini dishwasher or just a piece of furniture to store stuff. Well, it is indeed the latter but more specifically, it’s to help organize your clothes and other related accessories. It’s basically like a bookshelf but there are separate hangers for various sizes of clothes. There’s also trays in various sizes on top of the cabinet where you can place watches, jewelry, and other accessories related to your outfit or getup.

Aside from storage, the cabinet also has a UV light to sanitize your clothes. This may not be a feature that is important to a lot of people whose clothes are mostly clean if they’re put into cabinets or storage (or so we assume) but for those who are concerned about getting rid of germs before wearing clothes, this will be a bonus point. It comes in three color options: navy blue to allow it to blend in most color schemes, classic white for a clean feel, and dark green for “stability and antiquity”. You can also open and close the cabinet through various controls located at the top.

It would have been more interesting if the renders showed how actual clothes would look in this cabinet. Because of the size and the product renders that don’t show any clothes, I have a hard time imagining how it would help me become more organized. Also, with the amount of clothes that I have, I would probably need several pieces of the Evelopper which would defeat the minimalist purpose. So probably I should start by getting rid of a lot of clothes in order to truly live a minimalist lifestyle.