Sinking Bath

Sink into the perfect bathtub, sink into The Comfort. Designed with a unique W cross-sectional form, the bathtub is designed ergonomically contoured to the human body. Even if you drift off into sleep, the bathtub design ensures you don’t accidentally slump into the water. A good thing about the form is that it features two distinct, one that allows babies to bathe safely without the need of filling the bathtub to full capacity.

As the designer explains, “Comfort has an integrated tap allowing water to come up into the two regions of the bath. While visually sleek and clean, this is another safety feature as research shows that taps are a common source of bumps and injuries – particularly to the elderly and the young. The bath overflow system prevents water spilling on to the bathroom floor and eliminates a major slip hazard. The design makes it easy to enter or exit the bath. The bath sides are lower and the sloping shape creates a raised edge for a convenient hand hold position.”

Comfort Bath is a 2012 Reece Bathroom Innovations Awards entry.

Designer: Vergillio Serra