This Reversible Chair is a desk chair and lounge chair in one

Nicola Stäubli Reversible Chair Release

Nicola Stäubli is a Swiss architect and designer who created the Reversible Chair more than a decade ago. So it’s an old project, but it’s one proof that a good design never goes out of style.

You can still have the Reversible Chair and won’t think it’s an old design. The designer thought of creating a seat with very minimal materials. Specifically, he only used textile and a metal frame so they are easy to source.

Designer: Nicola Stäubli

Nicola Stäubli Reversible Chair Design Concept

This thing is reversible as you can quickly flip the rear legs. Doing so will transform the chair into a lounge chair. It also comes with a reversible cover so you can enjoy two color versions of the textile. With the two forms and several colors, you can get different objects.

The set of steel tubes and the fabric is considered smart. You can assemble four different seats to match your need and style. All you need to do is flip over the rear legs to have a new chair.

Nicola Stäubli Reversible Chair Price

Nicola Stäubli Reversible Chair

This contemporary furniture item’s design is brilliant as it is a modular chair made from two simple materials. The pipe pieces can be pulled apart and combined to create a new chair. Depending on your need, it can be a lounge chair or a side chair. The swappable design makes it a winner even after it’s already a decade old.

The design is efficient, convenient, and easy to understand. Just by flipping the legs, you are provided a new seating you can use wherever, whether in the living room, dining room, patio, or even the office. This chair is perfect for those who always want to change things around the house. If you get bored with one look, you can flip the legs or the fabric cover.

Nicola Stäubli Reversible Chair Design

Nicola Stäubli Reversible Chair Concept

The shape of the Reversible Chair reminds us of the Reversible Seating from a few years ago. Instead of a new chair, you flip the backrest, and it turns into a desktop. Both modes offer ergonomic body positions, so no posture is compromised. It uses wood and metal, while the Reversible Chair uses steel and fabric only.

The use of fabric makes it easy to clean and change. Perhaps you can customize the two colors you want to inter-change. We see four colors available: Orange, Blue, Green, and something like Gray or Denim.

Nicola Stäubli Reversible Chair Details

Nicola Stäubli’s background in architecture comes in handy in designing the furniture piece. The designer knows what works, and his creation is something functional yet aesthetically pleasing. Even if it’s an old design, the chair’s aesthetic works and can fit most interiors.