Rider RX flashlight is an excellent gift idea for EDC lovers and fidgeters

Most don’t appreciate the importance of an emergency flashlight until they can’t find one when they need it, so this stylish flashlight makes it easy and fun to have it wherever you go.

Everyone needs a flashlight for almost any situation, from emergency blackouts to looking for lost things under the bed. Just like the batteries that power them, we often find ourselves with flashlights with not enough juice or, worse, no batteries inside them. Having to scramble for the right battery in an emergency just adds to the stress you’re already feeling. Thankfully, Acebeam’s Rider RX tries to cut down on that by delivering a flashlight that not only works with almost any type of battery, it also helps relieve stress by giving your fingers something to play with.

Designer: Acebeam

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Some flashlights work with typical alkaline batteries. Others use rechargeable NiMH batteries. Still, others use the same kind of lithium-ion type that smartphones use. The Rider RX embraces them all so you can grab whatever’s readily available, which is often an AA battery, without making compromises. While the included Li-ion battery does offer the brightest output, even an AA battery can deliver a decent brightness so you won’t trip in the dark. The optical lens makes sure that the 219F LED shines a soft and balanced beam instead of blinding your eyes or spreading the light too thin.

The Rider RX flashlight is flexible in more ways than just the battery it uses. Its small size, which is just big enough to fit a single AA battery, makes it extremely portable and convenient to use. The two-way stainless steel clip makes it easy to clip it onto any strap or pocket and in any direction you prefer. The durable stainless steel and titanium outer tube should relieve worries about accidentally dropping the small flashlight, while the variety of color options, which include “Rainbow PVD” and “Sophisto Grey,” make the Rider RX a cool and practical gift or party favor.

But wait, there’s more! The situations when you’d need a flashlight or even need to hold one are often situations with some amount of stress or tension. These are times when we tend to uneasily fidget or grab onto something for our hands and fingers to play with. Fortunately, the Rider RX itself is a fidget toy, and you can slide, push, and twist that clip without fear in order to give your worried mind a distraction.

Rider RX in Titanium.

With its ability to use any type of battery, its portable and lightweight design, and its hidden fidget toy feature, the Acebeam Rider RX EDC AA flashlight is something you’ll want to always have in your bag, emergency kit, glove compartment, and more. Its clean, stylish design, colorful variants, and accessible price tag also make it a great gift for family and friends, especially those who tend to lose things under couches and beds.

Click Here to Buy Now: $40 $50 (10% off with Coupon Code: 10YKdesign). Hurry, sale ends on April 26th.