2023 NASA-themed G-Shock watch rounds up in celebration of the pursuit of the moon

G-Shock watches lead the industry in robustness and durability. This makes them worthy of adventurers on earth and in space. Furthering that image, Casio enters fourth edition of the NASA commemorative G-Shock in time for its 40 birthday and the anniversary celebration of the launch of the first Apollo lunar landing.

After three previous outings, where the NASA-themed G-Shock timepieces have accorded their legendary robustness for space aficionados in square-shaped dials; the 2023 iteration dubbed G-Shock DW6900NASA237 breaths fresh air with a round profile, astronauts will fall for.

Designer: Casio

The new G-Shock x NASA watch is based on the iconic G-Shock DW6900 silhouette. It arrives in an impressive matte white resin case and bezel, accompanied by a similar hued band. The watch is embellished with collaborative insignias which extend from the band to the caseback.

The NASA logo appears in vibrant red color on the lower band, while the “National Aeronautics and Space Administration” finds space on the upper band. The band loop stands out with America’s national flag. Flip the watch over and you are greeted by the imagery of Earth, as seen from space, engraved on the caseback.

This earth imagery also appears on the watch face when the backlight is turned on. In addition to the space/NASA-specifics, the timepiece features customary G-Shock specs, such as a stopwatch, countdown function, water resistance, and multiple alarms.

Even though the G-Shock DW6900NASA237 is a must-grab, it’s not for everyone. Interestingly, the watch will sell for $130 in a sale contest. Running on the G-Shock US website, the contest is live until July 16.