Onyx BOOX Tab Mini C brings a colored E-Ink reader wrapped in a fun little package

e-Book readers have definitely come a long way. Not only are they now capable of stylus pen input, some even come bearing a swath of colors, limited as they may be. This has opened the doors to many new use cases, from reading magazines in color to a bit of creative digital painting to even watching a few short videos. Most of these colored E-Ink screens, however, come in large sizes and solid yet heavy bodies. They pack plenty of power but come at the expense of some convenience and comfort. While there will definitely be a place for these devices, some might prefer a more leisurely reading experience that they can bring with them anywhere, which is where the new Onyx BOOX Tab Mini C comes in, bringing that same splash of color in a more compact size.

Designer: BOOX

In our recent review, we found the Onyx BOOX Tab Ultra C to be quite the heavyweight in more ways than one. It definitely had plenty of features, putting it squarely in the Android tablet market, but it came at a literal cost and with a hefty size. As its name suggests, the BOOX Tab Mini C cuts down on some of that, offering a more accessible alternative that doesn’t cut too many corners.

It’s the same E-Ink Kaleido 3 screen technology, which ultimately means sharper black and white texts alongside clearer colored images, except now it’s on a 7.8-inch device. In addition to the smaller size, the weight has nearly been halved as well, making it easier on your arms. Onyx also tweaked the general design a bit, curving the back towards the edges for a more comfortable grip. In other words, it’s meant to be a joy to hold in your hand, even for long periods of time.

That doesn’t mean that the BOOX Tab Mini C is skimping on the power, though. It still has an octa-core processor with 4GB of RAM, and the 64GB of storage is often more than enough for eBooks or even PDFs. Like its older and bigger sibling, it runs Android with Google Play Store installed, which means you’ll have access to almost any mobile app you want or need. And, yes, you can write on it with BOOX’s stylus, though you might have to buy it in a bundle or separately.

The BOOX Tab Mini C’s smaller size might make it more portable and less cumbersome to hold, but it also makes it less ideal for certain kinds of electronic documents. It fills in a need but hardly replaces the BOOX Tab Ultra C, especially when it comes to the latter’s productivity chops. At $450, it does make Kaleido 3 technology a bit more affordable, getting more people interested in coming to the BOOX fold.