Airy work space lets you customize and create a mobile workspace

Even though I’m back to my boring old cubicle in my not so boring office, I’m still always on the lookout for interesting desks or work areas. It’s still always nice to dream about what my ideal workspace would look like if it was up to me or if we ever get back to a work from home situation for one reason or another. So a desk that is able to adapt to what I need instead of just a piece of furniture where I place my laptop on would be ideal in that scenario.

Designer: Ivana Wingham

The Airy Office Desk is mobile and is able to adapt to your environment and needs and also seems to be pretty easy to assemble and disassemble. It has a flat top that curves on one side and also has some shelves underneath should you need storage for your papers, notebooks, and other office supplies that you don’t want to place on top. It actually looks like a cross between a bespoke piece of furniture since the design is a bit unusual and also a modular desk.

The mobile and modular characteristic of the desk comes from the fact that the shelving underneath is something you can remove if you don’t need to have storage under your desk. The desk is big enough to place your work station and put some books, documents, and various office supplies if you prefer to have them easily visible to you. It is also “open” underneath to give you the feeling of space and airiness, hence the name. The combination of wooden and metal industrial materials seems to work, giving it a minimalist and sleek look.

Based on some of the images, you could curve one side of the desk towards you, creating a more enclosed space, in case that’s what you need instead of a wide desk. I personally would like that set up more as a wide, long desk seems to be too big for me but making it into an L-shaped table gives you a seemingly smaller space although it really is the same amount of desk if you think about it.