This 2-in-1 lounger lets you choose whether to relax or work (or both)

After two years of working wherever I wanted in my house, whether it’s a desk, the couch, or my bed, it’s been another adjustment to go back to the office and work in my cubicle. The fact that I’m back in a regular desk most days of the week can be a source of stress and I would like nothing more than to have a more pleasant area to work in while at the same time still being productive and all. It would be great if there was a space or a chair where I could choose to be more relaxed or to focus more on work, whichever is needed at the moment.

Designer: Michael Hilgers for LINAK

A concept for a leisure and work furniture might just be the thing I’ve been looking for. The LUNA Hybrid-Lounger is able to combine various functionalities for a chair and side table together so that you will be able to transform your space into whatever you need it to be. It can be a reading, relaxation, and even napping space and then when you need to actually work on something, you can transform it into a workspace whether you’re sitting down or standing up. You can also use the panel to be a divider and give yourself some sense of privacy when in a co-working environment.

The LUNA is made up of a lounger that looks like a barca lounger but with a softer-looking upholstery. The panel beside it can serve as a side table to put your coffee or snacks in or to write on your notebook or type on your tablet or laptop. You can also adjust the height of the table so you can also use it as a standing works space if you think you’ll be more productive that way. It is a motorized and rotatable panel that can adjust to whatever you need it to be. There’s also space for storage there so you can keep your notebook or books close to you.

The fabric for the panel is made from 100% PET bottles materials that were shredded in Europe so there’s also an eco-friendly aspect to this concept. I would actually like to have something like this in my house or office, depending on which place I’ll be staying in more often now (most likely the latter). But I will probably almost never stand up from there if you just put a snackbar or a mini-ref somewhere I can reach it easily so that doesn’t bode well for my fitness.