The world’s first sustainable fully-integrated, plug-and-play, wall-mounted workstation and folding desk!

One of the many cultural shifts driven by the COVID-19 pandemic is the growing number of people working from home, and English furniture-maker Pith & Stem is looking to tap into this trend with a wall-mounted workstation that you mightn’t even know was there. The DropTop fold-down desk is packed with everything needed for a hard day at the home office and can be stylishly stowed away behind a photo or artwork when knock-off time arrives. We are seeking a healthy work-life balance more than ever. We are spending more time than ever working from home. We are all relearning what it means to be productive.

Pith & Stem describes its DropTop workstation as fully integrated and plug-and-play ready, meaning that it comes kitted out with a pair of 24-inch full-HD monitors and USB/USB-C cables for charging and connecting to Windows and Mac laptops. Beneath these monitors are two storage areas for said laptops or other odds and ends. The workstation itself is made from thick birch plywood that can be finished in either black or white satin, with the front folding down to form a desk measuring 120 x 60 cm (47 x 24 in) that is held in place by custom hinges, which appear to be rather strong.

“Working from home comes with many environmental, social, and economic benefits,” says Stefan Husanu, Pith & Stem CEO and DropTop designer. “Nonetheless, many people have come to dislike it over the past year, even though it was once their dream! Factors behind this include it being uncomfortable, the lack of correct tools or workspace, and the inability to find that work-life balance. We can’t let these be an obstacle to something that has such a positive environmental impact, however. That’s why we created a home-working solution that fits every space and makes productivity fun, comfortable and stylish.”

DropTop is practical (ergonomically designed to promote healthy posture), strong (constructed using the toughest grade hardwood ply, with custom-made hinges), ethical (made with FSC certified birch plywood), and stylish (with customizable colors and finishes – you can even add your own favorite photos or artwork to the face). Setting up DropTop is simple and it folds away easily and discretely at the end of the day, with a lock for privacy and a removable power lead. DropTop.™ is there when you need it, and out of sight when you don’t. The perfect space-saving computer desk.

There is an impressive amount of customization on offer for the DropTop, with customers able to choose from different wood finishes for the exterior walls and desktop, such as ash and walnut, and select monitors from Philips, LG, and AOC. A large photograph can also be chosen to lay over the outside when the desk is packed away, either from a pre-selected range or customers can send in their own picture for printing.

The DropTops will be made to order in the UK, and the final cost will depend on the level of customization, though pricing for a base model starts at £1,099 (US$1,500). DropTop is an easy-to-install, high performance, and customizable, your new go-to solution for productive, efficient, and comfortable home-working.

Designer: Pith & Stem

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