Art Meets Functionality: This 3D Printed Parisian Building Bookend is Perfect for the Literary Traveler

Humans go on holiday to unwind, designers go on holiday to get inspired! While on a trip to Paris, designer Ezra Feldman found himself looking at the Hausmann-style buildings around the city… and as he admired the tapered roofs on the buildings, an idea struck him! The tapered roof detail would serve as a great resting point for books! Feldman immediately rushed to his computer to mock up a model and make a 3D print, and voila! The Paris Bookend was born!

Designed to add a French charm to your bookshelf, the Paris Bookend is a miniature 3-storey building modeled in the classic Hausmann style. With a Mansard roof (that tilts in two places), the bookend lets your books naturally lean over against the side of the mini building, making it look as if the architecture is supporting your library. It comes with detailed out chimneys, windows, and an adorable red door too, adding a gorgeous Parisian charm to your home that feels a lot more authentic than those run-of-the-mill Eiffel Tower memorabilia.

Designer: Ezra Feldman

The building, modeled in pretty vivid detail, sits on a plastic plinth or platform that also holds one book, prompting it to rest at an angle. The part of the roof where the book rests has no window, allowing the roof to be absolutely flat so the books can rest on it without getting damaged. The front and side, however, feature windows with or without curtains, to add a little visual drama, and a red door that almost feels like an iconic entrance to a quaint cafe or bookshop.

While you can’t directly buy the bookend, Feldman does sell the 3D file online for as little as $1.6 USD, where you can download the CAD file in all its various parts and print it on your own 3D printer. Feldman recommends printing the base platform with a high infill so it doesn’t collapse in on itself, and the building itself can be either left untouched with the supports inside it, or can be hollowed out and turned into an illuminating lamp with hollow windows that let light seep outwards! It’s all up to you!