Canon PowerShot V10 is a minimalist video camera for content creators

When I watched a concert a week ago, I was surprised at how many kids were holding actual digital cameras instead of just their smartphones. And then when I went on Tiktok, I found out that this former gadget staple was actually making a “comeback” for Gen Z-ers that didn’t want to be too attached to their phones but still wanted to capture photos and videos that had better quality. So it’s not really a surprise that Canon is developing a line of products that’s aimed specifically at content creators that want to go back to digital cameras.

Designer: Canon

While a lot of smartphones are good enough for video content creation, there are still some that prefer something that has better video quality and is created specifically for that purpose. DSLRs can sometimes be too bulky so a compact option is always welcome. The Canon PowerShot V10 is their latest offering and if you want to experiment with videos but don’t want a complicated device, then this compact and minimalist video camera is for you.

It is pretty easy to use as you just need to press the record button and it will start doing its job. There’s a flip-out screen so you’ll see what’s going on. There are of course different filters that you can use including 14 color ones and a Smooth Skin mode for those who want digital skincare. If you want to record action shots, it has a Movie Digital IS mode that can reduce the shaky camera view (unless that’s actually what you’re going for). It has a built-in stand and lets you shoot through the app, as well as other features that should appeal to creators.

The PowerShot V10 is very lightweight and can fit into your pocket or your small bag. It can shoot in 4K30p or in FullHD at 60p.. It has a 19mm wide lens and can also shoot photos with its 15.2MP lens. It has two stereo mics and a third mic to help reduce background noise. You can also use it as a webcam in case you’re more into live streaming. The camera comes in black and silver colors in keeping with its minimalist look.