Ever wanted a concrete or aluminum faceplate keyboard? Say hello to the Tera 75 mechanical keyboard with custom fascias

I distinctly remember when Google announced their first smart speaker, they spent a significant time talking about the speaker’s interior-friendly design. Ambient computing, the company called it. The speaker’s fabric-clad and interior-friendly color palette was designed so it could blend into its surrounding decor instead of standing out. The Tera 75 mechanical keyboard from AZIO takes on a similar approach. Designed to blend into your workplace setup rather than stand out as something glaringly different from the rest of your office space, the Tera 75 is a mechanical keyboard with a 75% layout and a series of customizable plates and details that let you either blend in or blend out.

Designer: Shih-Che Peng of Azio Corporation

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The highlight of the Tera 75 lies in its absolutely customizable nature. Sure, like any good mechanical keyboard you’ve got the ability to swap out keycaps, and even hot-swap Gateron switches so you can go as clacky or as quiet as you want… but the Tera 75 takes things up a notch with an entirely customizable design, all the way from the main housing to the upper faceplate and even the rotary knob built into the keyboard.

Interchangeable Faceplate & Knob – The faceplates include a magnetic liner to make plate swapping quick and easy!

Hot Swappable Switches – Equipped with Gateron G Pro hot-swappable switches to provide a range of typing feedback catered to the user’s preference.

Designed by the folks at AZIO, the Tera 75 offers a variety of design styles to choose from. The faceplate, for instance, comes in your standard black PVD and polished PVD finishes… but for the out-of-box user, there’s a multichrome faceplate, a damascus steel faceplate, and a personal favorite, a concrete-finish faceplate. Similarly, the rotary knob that sits on the keyboard comes in black, silver, and blue CNC aluminum variants, or walnut and maple wood variants that pair rather beautifully with the concrete faceplate to give you a Nordic-inspired keyboard like no other!

Wired/Wireless – Can connect up to 3 devices at the same time through Bluetooth.

75% Layout – A size that is ideal for many and keeps the board size compact so you can have more space on your desk.

At its heart, the Tera 75 is a keyboard with a respectable 75% layout, featuring an entire row of function keys too, along with the rotary control knob on the top right. It works in both wired as well as wireless formats, and is compatible with both Windows and Mac devices, allowing you to seamlessly switch with the press of a key.

The customizable design means a much broader appeal, with the concrete and wood finish being a perfect pick for the design community, the silver PVD finish being ideal for a tech and minimalist enthusiast, and the multichrome or damascus finish catering exclusively to people looking for a dynamic keyboard to stand out from the rest of their gear. Yes, the Tera 75 also comes with backlit keys, making it a compelling pick for gamers too! The customizability extends to the rotary knob on the keyboard, which can be configured to control volume and display brightness, or even be used with your video/photo editing workflow.

When choosing your Tera 75, you get to customize its entire design, from the base to the faceplate to the knob that sits on top, as well as the keycaps and switches. You can further modify the keyboard to suit your needs and aesthetic requirements by changing the RGB backlight or the knob’s functionality through its desktop software. You can even choose to use your Tera 75 as a wired keyboard with the USB-C cable that comes bundled with it, or as a Bluetooth 5.0-powered wireless keyboard with a stellar 4,000 mAh battery that gives you weeks worth of use on a single charge. If the idea of an entirely customizable keyboard excites you, or if you’re just tired of the boring plastic keyboards and are looking for a metal or concrete upgrade, the Tera 75 is available for a discounted price of $140, with the ability to add extra faceplates, knobs, and keycaps to your pledge.

Click Here to Buy Now: $140 $199 ($59 off). Hurry, only 83/100 left!