Tranquil furniture collection is inspired by an enchanting moonlit lake

There are many nature-inspired designs these days, but many of them take that inspiration too literally. Sometimes they’d literally have the shape of a rock or the moon, or they might even use actual natural objects like leaves or twigs. While there’s definitely nothing wrong with that kind of interpretation, there’s also something to be said for gentler nods toward natural things and phenomena. These can lead the mind the wonder and wander, picking up hints and sparking the imagination to make connections and draw their own conclusions. Sometimes they might make cherished memories surface; other times, they become reminders of the more important things in life. This bowl-shaped table and lamps, for example, try to nudge our minds towards calmness and peace by subtly calling to mind the otherworldly serenity of a lake reflecting the moon in the dark of night.

Designer: Yifu Guo

The side table of this Lake Collection of minimalist furniture is already quite interesting on its own. Having a bowl shape, though not unheard of, isn’t exactly common. Tables with this form often have a central cylinder for its lone support, but the Lake side table has two rectangular legs on each side holding it up.

The glossy and reflective surface of the table is meant to resemble the dark waters of a lake at night, though you probably wouldn’t be able to make that conclusion immediately unless you knew the name of the furniture collection. It’s that kind of indirect and subtle association that makes such designs open to more than just one interpretation, which makes them more effective at conveying messages. In this case, the simplicity of the table’s form becomes not only a tribute to minimalist design but also a reminder to keep our lives simple.

Once you add one of the two table lamps that are part of this collection, however, the moonlit lake inspiration becomes a bit more pronounced. The yellow circular glow of the lamps reflected on the table’s surface immediately calls to mind the unearthly light of the moon on dark waters. The reflection is clear, smooth, and undisturbed, hinting that the waters are similarly clear and calm, a metaphor for calming our minds at the end of the day.

The Lake Collection’s simple design is meant to encourage reflection, especially of the world and nature around us. But even if you miss those cues, the attractive forms and sleek materials still make the furniture a sight to behold, no matter where you place them in the room. It’s a nature-inspired design that, just like nature itself, doesn’t shout to call your attention and simply immerses you in its beauty and wonder.