This $169 telescope gives your smartphone camera astrophotography superpowers on a budget

The moon, quite like me, is selectively photogenic. It only looks good with the right gear. Use a cheap smartphone camera and the moon looks like a miserable white cluster of pixels. Bust out a $1k+ phone or an expensive DSLR with a telephoto lens and the moon looks a lot better. Now, for people who don’t have the money for a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra or top-tier telephoto lenses, the Decouvir Telescope is a compelling alternative. Starting at $169 for the 60mm version and going up to $289 for the 80mm variant, the Decouvir makes stargazing and astrophotography ridiculously easy. The telescope, designed for consumer use, features an easy setup along with the ability to view objects either through your eye or your smartphone. Using multiple reflectors to help the telescope see far, the Decouvir is actually a pretty compact gizmo and can be used by children too. At that $169 to $289 price range, it makes for a compelling gift for youngsters and adults alike… and easily gives your existing smartphone the power to take the most brilliant moon photos on a budget.

Designer: Cerron Innovation

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Built on the Maksutov-Cassegrain optic architecture, the Decouvir telescopes use a system of one-refraction-two-reflections to help you see as close as 85x magnification with minimal loss of clarity or detail. The telescope comes in three variants – the MC60, MC70, and MC80 which have a 60mm, 70mm, and 80mm main lens respectively. The telescopes achieve up to 85x zoom, far beyond anything your smartphone can capture, allowing you to see constellations, the moon, and even small objects on Earth from afar. Setting the telescope up is easy, thanks to a built-in tripod with a spirit level, a gimbal to help point your telescope accurately, and a single focus knob that lets you control what the lens system focuses on.

Built for enthusiasts on a budget, the telescope crams in a bunch of features that make it absolutely worth its price. You’ve got an attached tripod that can be adjusted up to 4 feet in height, made from aluminum alloy for a high strength-to-weight ratio. The tripod features adjustable telescopic legs, along with a spirit level to adjust the camera’s tilt, making sure it’s perfectly vertical. Upon the tripod sits the telescope that’s adjustable using a gimbal and vertical/horizontal control knobs. Once you find the right angle, a lock switch on the gimbal lets you fix your telescope in place.

Depending on the variant you buy, the telescope has either a 60mm, 70mm, or 80mm lens, offering the ability to see further and capture more light. The Mak-Cass optic system offers detailed, vivid, crisp imagery, and multi-layer coated lens and larger eyepiece let you see much more clearly into the distance. The telescope even comes with a focus knob and a visual scale that lets you carefully calibrate your focus.

The entirely analog telescope can either be used regularly with your eyes, or in conjunction with your smartphone’s camera thanks to an adjustable clamp. Clamp your smartphone in place and adjust it so its camera lines up with the Decouvir’s eyepiece, and suddenly you’ve got an astrophotography setup that’s much more powerful than even the most insane spec on a smartphone camera. At a starting price of $169, it’s also the best external telephoto lens setup your smartphone can ask for.

The Decouvir telescopes aren’t just for astrophotography. They can be even used for wildlife watching as well as capturing objects from far away. The optics system gives you crystal clear photos, while also creating a very shallow depth of field (or DoF) for some remarkable background blur.

The Decouvir Telescope is shipping as of May 2023. Each variant (MC60, MC70, MC80) will get you the telescope along with a tripod, a control gimbal, a phone holder, 10mm and 20mm eyepieces, and a 5×22 inverted finderscope to assist you in locating objects and helping you focus your telescope correctly. The Decouvir Telescope ships only to the United States, and while the MC60 and MC70 are a theoretically unlimited run, the MC80 is only limited to 100 units, so grab yours while you still can!

Click Here to Buy Now: $169 (Free Shipping) Hurry! Only 12 days to go!