Marc Newson’s Cabinet of Curiosities turns Louis Vuitton trunk into display shelves

I’m about to embark on what will probably be my longest travel away from home. While I’m pretty excited for it of course, I’m also nervous about the luggage situation as I always bring a lot of things with me and pack light is a foreign concept to me. I feel like I want to bring all of my creature comforts as well as make the place I’ll be staying in for three weeks as home-y as possible. The idea behind this newest collaboration between Louis Vuitton and Marc Newson is to have luggage and modular cabinets for the modern (and rich) traveler.

Designer: Marc Newson for Louis Vuitton

The Cabinet of Curiosities (not to be mistaken for the Netflix series) reimagines the iconic traveler trunk from Louis Vuitton and turns it into something that is not just storage for your stuff but something that can be turned into a display of the stuff that you brought along with you. On the outside, it looks like your typical monogrammed traveler’s trunk but the magic happens when you open it and assemble the storage cubes and all the items you want to store and display.

Each trunk comes with 19 colorful and modular storage cubes which you can arrange according to your mood or preference. The trunk can be displayed upright with a 180-degree opening while some of the cubes have a hinged door in case you want to keep some of the objects hidden inside. The bigger ones are just shelves where you can display books, figurines, sculptures, and other knick knacks.

The Cabinet of Curiosities comes in three colorways: VVN natural leather, yellow, and if you want to have more colorful shelves, there’s also a tricolor made up of red, blue, and green boxes/shelves. Obviously, this is not something that you will use to actually travel but it’s an interesting trunk to bring along with you when you need to turn into a cabinet and display your life.