This futuristic school bus designed with the help of AI uses inflatable pieces to add some fun to bus journeys

Anyone who has ever ridden a school bus to and from school has probably imagined their transport turning into a Magic School Bus or the Knight Bus the Harry Potter movies. Alas, we’re still stuck with the boring old buses that can only bring us to where we’re supposed to go. But thanks to Artificial Intelligence and some designers’ wild imagination, we can actually come with more interesting concepts that may someday become reality, or at least a more realistic version of it.

Designer: Shail Patel

An architect has tried to imagine what a futuristic school bus would look like if it was also where the students are studying and not just something that transports them. The Mutated School Bus was created with the help of AI design tool Midjourney and is both surreal and functional. In short, while it’s pretty fun and playful, it can become an actual practical mode of transportation and education someday even if for now it looks like something from a science fiction movie.

The bus looks like a rolling classroom with its multi-story stacked bus structure with the signature yellow color that a lot of school buses carry. With its vertical form that has a combination of circular, oblong, and square windows and rooms, it looks like something the Minions will fit right in with. The idea for the concept is to make these futuristic buses a fun mobile school that kids will look forward to, even if what they’re going to there mostly is study while going around the city.

Of course, there are a lot of practical things that you have to think about if ever this concept will become reality. The amount of energy it will take to power such a vehicle will not be something that Mother Earth will be happy about. What if the students have motion sickness? How will the bus be able to hold in place all the things that will be placed inside? Those are things that the product designers will have to think about eventually but for now, these are fun designs and maybe a vision of what mobile education will look like.