The Flow Sofa is a cozy armchair with spiral armrests that your cat can snuggle up in

We often underestimate the importance of a great armchair, especially in our living rooms. When in reality, we shouldn’t. The right armchair not only serves as a comfy and ergonomic seating option but also adds a certain depth of character and personality to the living room. An excellent armchair functions as the perfect spot to lounge about, have a snack, and or chill on while interacting with your family and friends. And if you make the sofa pet-friendly, then it literally ticks off all the right checkboxes for me!

Designer: SUNRIU

SUNRUI designed this rather minimal and chic-looking armchair as a part of the FLOW Collection. As the name of the collection hints, the armchair is called the Flow Single Sofa. If you look closely at the chair, it quite literally looks like a Queen’s Chair. I could truly imagine the late Queen of the United Kingdom, sitting on this majestic throne. However, the Flow Sofa isn’t the Queen’s throne, but a pretty comfy and cozy sofa that we could integrate into our own living space.

The sofa has a rather bulky and space-consuming form, although its structure has been designed quite elegantly and smartly, which somehow downplays the stoic-ness of the sofa. What also imparts the single sofa with sophisticated air are its spiral armrests. The spiral armrests add an interesting and artistic element to the sofa, and also quite amusingly resemble the Ionic Order. The Ionic Order is one of the orders of classic architecture. It is defined by twin volutes or spiral scrolls, such as the ones we can see in the Flow Sofa.

Now what makes the Flow sofa even more unique is the fact that it is pet-friendly! The aforementioned spiral armrests of the furniture piece are hollow. The hollow interior spaces function as cozy little nooks for your cat to snuggle into and rest. If you have two cats, each of them could fit into both armrests! This allows the Flow to function as a seating space not only for humans, but their pets as well. It creates a shared space, where the owner and cat, can spend some quality time together.