This BMW Scrambler concept was envisioned in both ICE and E-bike versions

Proportionally different from the scramblers we’ve seen in the past, the BMW G7 Scrambler concept has a commanding aesthetic with a Z-shaped frame, a bottom-heavy design, a cantilever seat, and a headlight that embodies the phrase “if looks could kill”. Designed by Canada-based Anssi Mustonen, this unique-looking concept explores a direction that we’ve honestly never seen before – it comes in a choice between having a fuel-based and electric powertrain. Both the variants look exactly identical on the outside, but have different guts, with an ICE in one, and a battery and electric motor in another.

Designer: Anssi Mustonen

A look at the internal-combustion engine variant of the G7 Scrambler

We’re big fans of BMW’s original scrambler, the R nineT, especially for its adaptability and all the custom designs it’s spawned. The G7 doesn’t quite look as open to customization as its sibling, given how blockish its forms are and their positioning. Moreover, while the R NineT felt almost like the perfect blank canvas for others to experiment on, the G7 Scrambler has such a strong aesthetic that it looks better untouched.

The e-bike variant of the G7 Scrambler comes with a battery pack and a fan-cooled motor

While scramblers are known to have a reputation for being more outdoorsy and the kind to be used to dirt, dust, and terrain, the G7 takes on a much more sophisticated design aesthetic that looks more suited to an urban setting. Sure, the bike comes with some absolutely gnarly-looking tires, but the rest of the vehicle blurs the edges between dirt-bike and a Motorrad-style racer. However, you won’t see me complaining!