Flower-inspired vases are designed to accentuate the beauty of the flora

There are very few people in the world who don’t appreciate the beauty of flowers. I, for one, am either calmed down or awed when I see beautiful flowers in the wild or even as decorations indoor. I wouldn’t be able to raise them or take care of them on my own, but they’re still very pretty to look at. Accessories that pay tribute to flowers and floral arrangements are also something that appeal to a lot of people so this collection that highlights nine different flowers and uses them to shape the design may be something flower lovers will be interested in.

Designer: Weijing Tan

The name of the collection is simple enough: In Praise of Flowers. The concept is made up of nine different “chapters” and the products range from vases to stands to sculpture-like accessories that can make flowers even more appealing and glorify their natural beauty. The nine flowers that were chosen for this particular “exhibit” are the following: Peony, Lavender, Hydrangea, Asian Orchid, Lily, Tulip, Narcissus, Rose, and Baby’s Breath. These flowers served as the design inspiration for the accessories in the collection.

The Peony or impressionist muse is a vase enclosed in two glass dividers where you can place peonies or any other flowers you want to inside. The fragrant Lavender accessory is a white vase housed in a small dome made up of circular white cups. The majestic Hydrangea looks like a lamp at first glance with what seems like a big mirror that will enhance the flowers that you place in the vase. Or it might be that the round thing has a kaleidoscope-like design of hydrangeas. The Asian Orchid, referred to as exotic, is a stand housed in what seems like an acrylic enclosure with a circular hole to look into the flowers placed inside.

The showstopper Lily is a black clamshell-like vase that is in direct contrast to the colorful flowers you’ll place in it. Since the Tulip is known as a delicate flower, the accessory inspired by it is a minimalist stand where a single piece of flower can be placed in. The Narcissus, which is of course associated with reflections because of mythology, has a stand that will reflect the single stalk of flower that you’ll place in it. The Baby’s Breath has a transparent glass to magnify its beauty. Lastly, the Rose is a flat accessory where you can lay it down like in a bed. This concept seems pretty interesting if you want mostly minimalist vases and stands placed in your space.