Tiny handheld pico-projector with built-in speakers can turn any wall into a 70-inch movie screen

The YABER Pico T1 looks and feels exactly like a power bank, but within that benign appearance hides a pretty impressive pico-projector with built-in WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities that can turn your phone’s screen into a 70-inch projection. The Pico T1 also comes with its own built-in speaker, an HDMI input, and two USB-C ports for data and power delivery, along with accessories like a power bank and a magnetic tripod. Moreover, the entire device weighs a mere 5.12 ounces, measures just over half an inch in thickness (13mm), and fits right into your pocket just the way a smartphone would. The price of this entire setup? Well, about the same as a pair of AirPods Pro.

Designer: YABER

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The Pico T1 comes with a design that feels reminiscent of an iPod, with a rectangular design and a touch-sensitive wheel at the bottom for controlling your projector’s output. Place your projector on a flat surface or mount it on its magnetic tripod stand and power it on and you’re ready to begin watching content on the 70-inch screen ahead of you. The Pico T1 supports both wired and wireless connections, allowing you to either connect to your smartphone/tablet via the USB-C port or via Bluetooth. An HDMI port also allows you to hook other devices like gaming consoles, laptops, or cameras to beam images and videos directly onto the wall through the Pico T1.

For its size, it’s impressive how much the Pico T1 fits in. It’s got three ports (two for data and one for charging), a touch-sensitive surface, automatic keystone correction with a manual focus ring, and even its own 3W speakers. Sure, it won’t give you the kind of audio clarity you’re looking for while watching movies with Hans Zimmer background scores, but the speaker is surprisingly loud and effective.

There’s no battery on the Pico T1, but a USB-C port on its rear lets you hook it to an external power source like a power bank (that comes included with the Pico T1), which should comfortably last you through an entire movie and some more.

The makers behind the Pico T1 tout it as the world’s slimmest DLP projector, although it’s a claim that’s tough to dispute. That slim size is definitely a plus point, but it does present a caveat. The Pico T1’s biggest snag is that it has support for 1080p videos, but doesn’t project at a 1080p resolution. The projector outputs a native resolution of 540p at 110 ANSI lumens, which if I’m being honest, is pretty remarkable for its size and price… but it doesn’t hold a light to a 4K projector. It also doesn’t cost as much as a 4K projector either, so I’ll give it that. At just the right distance from the wall, the Pico T1’s projection is the ideal balance between screen size, resolution, and brightness, giving you a projector that’s an absolute bang for its buck. You could watch YouTube videos on it, TV shows, or even run mobile or Nintendo Switch games on it, which is what the Pico T1 is honestly built for. It also really makes for a splashy presentation when all you have is a laptop in your conference room and is absolutely perfect for camping trips.

What’s really groundbreaking is the fact that the Pico T1 turns the projector from a clunky home-theater appliance into portable, pocket-sized EDC. The Pico T1 is about the same size as your average smartphone and costs less than one too. For its incredibly reasonable price, you get the YABER Pico T1 projector with a 3-year warranty. You also get a power bank and cable to get the Pico T1 up and running, a magnetic 360° adjustable tripod, and a faux-suede bag/pouch to carry your projector and its accessories wherever you go!

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