Redesigned Lamborghini Aventador turns the iconic supercar into a no-nonsense beast on wheels

The new Aventador concept is done with your bullsh**. It looks like it doesn’t want to listen to any excuses, and has no time for your agenda. All it wants from you is to put the pedal to the metal, and all it wants to do is be the unbridled Italian raging bull that it was destined to be.

Designed by Karan Adivi, who’s developed a unique panache for reinventing popular cars in a way that amplifies their attitude, the Lamborghini Aventador Redesign is no different. Look at it and it still feels like a Lamborghini, but just like the Countach got its revival last year, the Aventador gets a flavor upgrade, and hey, it definitely looks spicier.

Designer: Karan Adivi

Adivi’s Aventador redesign is interesting because it balances aggression with sophistication. The new Aventador doesn’t look like a bar pub brute, but like a modern-day assassin. The facelift features a cleaner design, with a white paint job that has a bit of Nordic Polestar blended in. The headlights are narrow (think Countach but slimmer), almost making it look like the car’s looking at you with a discerning glare, and the air intakes on the front are merged together to form a mouth that looks clenched shut in silent rage… that’s until you hit the ignition.

For Adivi, the project simply was about reinventing the Aventador aesthetically, so there’s little to talk about as far as performance or internals go. The rear has a bit of a retro flavor, with those taillights that are a distinct deviation from Lamborghini’s sideways Y-shaped lighting. You’ve got the slatted rear windshield that’s a modern classic now, but Adivi also included pop-up fins on each side, right above the rear fenders (better visible in the front view). Exhaust pipes emerge from between the razor-thin taillights in a decidedly retro fashion too, harking back to the Diablo days.

The Lamborghini Aventador Revision is currently just a hobbyist concept from the mind of Adivi, although it does leave us wanting for more. For starters, I can’t help but wonder what the interiors would look like, and even though they’re all just renders, I really do wish someone built a custom one-off version of this, just as a hat tip to how iconic the Aventador name really is.