Very Green Oil

The very muck that invades our pond and swimming pool is a goldmine! Actually, make that an oil well. I’m talking about algae and the potential to extract bio-oil from them. Green Transformer is a solar powered floating device that combines algae with a chemical additive and derives bio-oil on the spot. The consequent oil is stored in a separate chamber till someone comes and collects it all. I love the idea of making oil in my backyard!

Designers: Yi Liu, Jiang Yu-ning & Luo Jing


  • Will it work? How? How much of that chemical additive will have to be added? Portable refinery that would work could be enough for some people. They would harvest algae and put in into such refinery and extract oil that can be poured directly to a car. It would be even better than floating one. How much algae can it take? What would be the cost of production of such thing? (and I am thinking about oil, rare minerals etc.). How long would it take to produce, say, 1 litre?

    For me it is just another “oh-so-green-and-env-friendly-so-people-will-love-it” design 😛

  • Mike Barnard says:

    If the designer had suggested bio-diesel instead of bio-oil I might have considered that there was one degree of science behind this. If they'd talk about the additives and processing necessary to make bio-diesel work instead of pouring it straight into a car I might have thought there were two degrees of science behind this. As 360 degrees are required, I'll pass.

  • Guest says:

    The chemical additive is 89 octane, right?

    Let's be real. Crude oil is cheap, clean, and is the most efficient method of automobile and truck transportation. We're not hurting anybody or anything by drilling for it, refining it, and burning it.

    Drill here, drill now, and by all means build more refineries! Screw the middle East, lets go to North Dakota, NY State, and start using the coal in Western PA. Grow up. If CO2 was such a vile, deadly compound then why are the interstate highways lined with tress LEANING INTO the highway? Plants want the CO2, it's nothing more than plant food. A world without CO2 is one that can not sustain life.

  • adesignaddict says:

    That last comment is a f***ing joke right?

  • Vladislav says:

    Пока существуют нефтяные короли, халявного топлива для масс не будет!!!

  • meira says:

    🙂 love the design! This is perfect, I wish i had one already!

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