This enchanting treehouse in Brazil is deeply inspired by the forest it is located in

Designed by São Pauolo-based Studio MEMM, this beautiful treehouse in the Brazilian forest is heavily influenced by its surroundings. It attempts to provide an abstract interpretation of its environment, in an architectural and tactile form. The home is located in the Monte Verde region of the Minas Gerais state.

Designer: Studio MEMM

The treehouse is designed to be an extension of the family home, and was originally meant to be for the client’s children, a rather fun garden space to play games in! However, in time, it transformed into a place of gathering, for people to engage with one another, and connect with nature. It allows the residents and their guests to ride high among the canopy’s foliage.

The project was led by the studio’s founder Marcelo Macedo. They created a perforated timber shell from geometric, foliage-inspired, sun-shading screens. This provides the perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality and allows inspiration to be drawn from the surroundings while ensuring the design is practical. It was extremely important that the location for the treehouse was ideal as well. In fact, “Before starting the project’s conception, it was necessary to choose the tree and understand its context. The client already had in mind options in an area near the lake on the site. The garden, densely populated by numerous tree species, brings privacy and ambiance to each function around the wetland area (a pool annex, a deck, a natural pool, and the main house sitting nearby). Added to this, a gentle, continuous slope extends across the land, so that the surroundings of the lake are arranged in gentle plateaus,” said the architects.

The treehouse is defined by two square volumes that have been connected together, to not only each other but the main house as well. The structures have been linked together using minimal yet sturdy bridges, that you can walk across and catch a glimpse of the green surroundings from as well. The treehouse includes lounge areas, that have been lit up quite thoughtfully, in order to bring focus to not only the architecture of the structure but the surrounding nature as well.