Safe Haven

The Safe Box is a safe haven or shelter intended for children and the older civilians who are caught in the crossfire of a war. It’s a protective shelter that hopes to keep safe the innocent, till they are able to evacuate to a neutral place. The boxes can be air dropped to specific areas and are bullet proof. A better alternate is to stop the war so that such boxes are not required!

Designers: So JaeEi and Lee Jae Hwa


  • Dan-bi says:


  • lauren says:

    the designer deserves an award for even thinking of this….so many of our innocent brothers and sisters are falling prey to war…

  • Ki-peum says:

    we need more such creations designed to safeguard those in warring countries

  • Kim says:

    Kudos to the designer and thanks for sharing this post.

  • Ji-hye says:

    great creation. very very helpful.

  • In-jung says:

    thumbs up to the design and designer!

  • Phil says:

    have they developed prototypes and tested these?

  • winnie says:

    speechless….we must consider the feasibility of developing and mass producing these to safeguard innocent people!

  • george says:

    kudos to the designer. please share more such posts so that we can create awareness about the plight of innocent lives and also about the importance of safeguarding those who are falling prey to crimes of war each day.

  • JimB says:

    Brilliant indeed… What is to prevent the terrorists from simply using them as sniper posts or shelters for themselves to fight from?

    Hamas has a proven track record of hiding behind civilians and humanitarian facilities in the hopes of drawing increased gunfire and civilian casualties. This would simply be another tool for them to misuse.

    Bzzzt, sorry, wrong.

  • bill says:

    So many absurd claims in this post, “Brilliant”, into production? So your going to drop these extremely heavy pods, next to the fighting? the food will last for one week?.
    How is the first person “let: into the structure… and then they get to decide via, video camera who else can come in?

    We have millions of people in refugee camps, and these will only become wasted pods, ravaged for their supplies when they are dropped, by the fighters, stripped of there resources and the fighting will continue.

    Noble idea, senseless, deployment.

  • Avarana says:

    The design makes no sense, rather than a shelter it’s more like a target.

  • Juan says:

    Sorry, but most likley some faction will go after the bulletproof vests, medicine, food and batteries. Is like droping equipment for free.

  • bill says:

    maybe if it was a natural disaster , this is savage war, wrong design

  • Dave says:

    Sorry to be negative, but this won’t work for a number of reasons.

    1. Resistance to full spectrum of small arms threats is unlikely as Armour piercing rounds would penetrate. To resist even ball rounds the mass of the shelter would make its movement difficult. Underslung help loading is unlikely, especially in urban scenarios shown. Also heat and altitude reduce lift capacity of helo.

    2. If the ‘bad guys’ want to attack the people in side they’d just switch weapons. An RPG7 is likely the most common threat and can penetrate armour, that’s it’s designed function. It wouldn’t be pretty!!

    3. The range of at her weapons that could hit this by accident, aka ‘collateral damage’ is extensive. It is unlikely to resist either the fragmentation or blast affects of artillery.

    4. People would be sniped entering or leaving this.

    5. The aircraft would be targeted delivering this.

    6. It takes a lot of vulnerable people spread over an area and concentrates them in one….meaning greater loss of life if attacked.

    7. It would be very expensive and would need to be financially written off each time it was used. A bonus if it could be recovered but unlikely in both finacial and the risk to life of staff terms.

    8. Lights attract unwanted attention……not just friendly forces.

    That said there is a need for intelligent protective accommodation, this just isn’t it unfortunately, but nice try guys.

    The humanitarian angle again is needed, but is even less financially viable. Remember the point of manufacture and use are likely to be far apart, so consider logistics and overall cost.

    Think…modular……simple……………scalable……..configurable and logistics while offering reasonable protection and you’d be onto a potential winner.

  • Dave says:


  • Dave says:

    Take a look at the Anderson and. Morrison shelters developed in the Uk during WW2, these have low mass, cost and allow easy distribution and construction by the user.

    They don’t suit all situations, but where shelling is the issue, they could offer some protection…….although limited!

  • Alastair says:

    It’s a really good concept but sadly not realistic.
    Say this was to work….
    I can guarantee if dropped they would immediately be adopted by one side or another as shelter and that would result in more civilian casualties.

  • Great idea, unless you are a man, then you just get left behind to die.

  • Kritique says:

    The perfect target for all kinds of paramillitary units, snipers and bombers – and a great source of hostages. Overthink You concept.

  • Alex Smith says:

    The Safe Box doesnt make any sense!

    For a number of reasons:

    1) It doesn’t give the dimensions of the Safe Box!(L)x(W)x(H)

    2) Doesn’t explain, exactly how it prevents Bio Chemical attacks from taking place!

    3) If, a biochemical attack, was to happen, for a limited time, the few people would be safe, but the chemical’s are still present for days, in the atmosphere, after they get out, and what happens when they get out.. boom, they are inhaling all that toxic gas! Thus killing them!

    4) What if, there is a terrorist in plain clothes armed with an AK-47, under the disguise of a civilian entering the tent to protect those children from getting attacked, and then he, the guy who was pretending to be all nice and watching over the children, goes all psycho and kills every child/person inside?

    3) There is no way this idea is possible!

    4) It doesn’t explain properly what is the layout of the box, and neither does it explain, how thick the bulletproof proof layer would be! Or the way the layers of material are layed out!

    5) Or what the whole safe box, is constructed out of!

    6) And exactly how do they expect to drop something so heavy just like that, from such a height! This thing would have to be like a permanent installation in the streets! Because if this thing is going to fit, more than 5 people, it would have to be like 50 Ft x 50 FT X 20 FT High! So yeah cant drop something so heavy, so simply!

    7) The people being given credit for this idiot invention idea, have clearly never seen any videos, regarding the production of bulletproof! If they did they would know, how thick the metal door would have to be, in order to make it buletproof! And what about how heavy the whole box becomes!

    8) Exactly, how many people can fit inside, after all the construction of the box/organizing all the medical equipment is installed, all said and done?



  • Alex Smith says:

    Everybody on here, has great ideas to make a difference in this world!

    But how exactly, would a person show his great idea to the world without having another team memeber to work with, or without having expensive rendiering software, capable of giving such detailed drawings!

    I have great ideas too, but i’m all alone, and don’t know how to get my ideas out!

    This invention is completely stupid! Actually what it is, is just a box for terrorists to hide inside, so that when a child enters, the terrorist can kidnap the kids and murder them!



  • definitely planning a holiday to this city when this theater is ready.

  • How much bamboo would be ripped from forests to create such structures? I feel the environmental impact would be pretty large. Like most designs

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