This iPhone 14 Magsafe wireless charger employs bionic sweat cooling to guard against temperature induced damage

Apple’s Magsafe technology has brought to the fore useful functionality to the iPhone line-up for a competitive edge over the likes of Samsung. The freedom and flexibility Magsafe accessories bring to the ecosystem are truly undeniable.

Gaming is something the new generation iPhone 14 line-up is able to handle without any problem. Thanks to the A15 and A16 chipset onboard. But all the graphics-intensive gaming for extended durations is bound to heat up the device. The solution is a smart Magsafe-compatible cooling accessory capable of doing other things too.

Designer: STAR H

Christened “Ice Speed Freezemat Magsafe Wireless Charger” this proposed Apple accessory uses a very interesting method to dissipate heat, keeping the innards at optimum temperature while gaming or during fast charging rituals. The Magsafe compatible accessory for iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 devices attaches to the back like any other Magsafe accessory. It has an MFM-certified module rated at 15W charging speed, but I hope it has better charging speed versions, if and when, it eventually hits the market.

Crafted out of aviation-grade cooling material, Ice Speed Freezemat has an interesting cooling mechanism inspired by the way the human body sweats to dissipate heat. Unlike other similar accessories on the market that makes use of fans drawing power from the source, this one has a greener, low-noise cooling material mode. The self-absorbent hydrogel forms an energy-free cycle of heat dissipation far better than electrical cooling. As the iPhone 14 gets heated, the water content in the hydrogel is evaporated, then heat dissipation happens, and ultimately the water is again absorbed by the layer.

For times when you are gaming, the wireless charger constantly juices up the iPhone while keeping it cool. Even after an hour of gaming, the Apple device won’t show any signs of heating up. The accessory can be kept in a flat laid-down position or the convenient standing position too for watching multimedia content. In the laid down configuration, it can charge other Apple accessories like the AirPods Pro or Apple Watch.