This picturesque tiny home is perched idyllically on a slope with vistas of the Seto Island Sea

Perched idyllically on a picturesque slope overlooking the Seto Island Sea is a beautiful tiny home that boasts extensive views of blue waters, and greenery. The home functions as a guest house, and is located on a large property called K Residence, which is on one of the many islands of the Japanese archipelago. The home has been equipped with a dining pavilion, and Schemata Architects have designed both structures.

Designer: Schemata Architects

“‘It is a place to confront solitude while facing the sea,” said the architects.

The home was inspired by ‘shukobo’, lodgings that are operated by shrines and temples. It was designed to host family and friends, and functions as a comfortable accommodation with an element of isolation and privacy. It was built under the name of ‘dokubo’, and serves as a space for children to take a break from the rest of the world, and spend some much-needed solitary time alone. The home features five sleeping areas, as well as a shower and toilet. The main residence is located above the guest house, and meals are had in the dining room of the main residence.

The tiny house and the main home are connected via a metal staircase. Visitors can enter the home through the back of it, where they are instantly welcomed by stunning views of the water on the opposite end. The dining pavilion located next to the home functions as an intimate space for dining, or even grabbing a few drinks after dinner (for the adults of course).  While the adults indulge in a few drinks, the children can play in the guest house, while still having access to the adults. The beautiful feature of the tiny home is that it has been designed to accommodate the needs of children and adults alike. It’s the sort of home that caters wonderfully to all members of a family, ensuring they all feel at home, and reside in a space that truly feels like their own.

The entire property, that is the K Residence, is a wide complex that has been equipped with a lot of amenities – not excluding the main residence, the previously mentioned dining room, and a tea house as well. The tiny home is a quaint and cozy part of this complex, one that perches peacefully on a slope, while providing splendid vistas of the blue waters.