This eco-tourism safari resort in Africa pulls water out of the air using transparent solar devices

MASK architects designed the world’s first eco-tourism resort that produces its own water from the air. It has been amped with an innovative technology that quite literally pulls moisture from the air, using transparent solar device-covered curtain glass. The safari resort is designed to be a luxurious getaway, but also more than that – it aims to tackle one of the major issues we face today, which is the lack of clean water.

Designer: MASK Architects

Although water should be a necessity, it has now become a luxury, which is quite honestly pretty sad. And this is where the eco-resort swoops in and hopes to provide water to the African communities and villages that face a lack of it. The resort consists of multiple lodges. Each lodge is equipped with solar device-covered curtain glass and amped with technology and dehumidification techniques that produce clean and purified drinking water.

Air filters have been positioned inside wood-covered aluminum poles which are placed around the lodges. These channel air into the fixture, and the air is filtered, condensed, and processed via a multi-step filtration system in the system room. The water is collected in the central tanks, and once it has been collected to a certain level, it is delivered to regions in Africa that suffer from water shortages.

The idea of creating these luxury eco safari lodges is to be able to bring more people to have interest in wildlife and to experience living in areas secluded and remote with the wildlife,” said MASK architects.

The BAOBAB Safari Lodges are also designed to be self-sustaining. It includes plots to grow fruits and vegetables, as well as produce and sell meat, bread, milk, and cheese. Besides being self-sustaining and sustainable, the lodges have also been luxuriously designed. The huts include a living room, bedroom, working area, a private pool, and a plunge deck amped with an outdoor shower. The huts have been elevated 3.5 meters above the ground, to provide stunning views of the surroundings, and to also provide protection to the wildlife in the area. The lodge is meant to educate the guests on nature and wildlife, and to deepen their understanding of it. The raised huts allow the guests to view the wildlife from above!