Samsung Bespoke smart refrigerators helps you truly own your kitchen

Most people would probably claim their rooms or the living room as their headquarters inside a house, but those who love cooking or preparing meals for the family will lay claim to the kitchen as their kingdom. There is no shortage of kitchen appliances and products that are designed to help make people’s lives easier, but few among these are also designed to appeal to their personal aesthetic tastes. It’s easier to get that kind of more personalized touch when it comes to kitchen tools and utensils, not so much for large appliances that are mass-produced to cater to the general public. That’s where bespoke products come in, and Samsung’s latest line of smart refrigerators try to fill this niche with appliances that not only look smart but are also pretty smart internally as well.

Designer: Samsung

While many refrigerators already look stylish and, at times, luxurious, not everyone will have the same tastes in aesthetics. Even more varied are the kitchen designs that people try to make, designs that make many refrigerators and oven stick out like a sore thumb. Samsung’s Bespoke Home lineup has been giving homeowners more options to leave their visual imprint in their homes, and this year’s new members expand that roster with refrigerators that offer not only more flexibility but also more functionality.

It might still seem like a strange feature, but Samsung’s screen-toting Family Hub definitely has its fans. The new Bespoke 4-Door Flex with Family Hub+ supersizes that display to a large 32-inch Full HD screen, empowering experiences like a large canvas for family photos, a spacious dashboard for managing your smart home, and even a convenient screen for watching videos while you’re busy cooking.

The new Bespoke Side-by-Side and Bespoke Top-Mounted Freezer Refrigerators embrace the dominant minimalist design trend to seamlessly blend with the rest of your kitchen interior. Buyers can pick their preferred color or front panel materials, including glass and stainless steel, to truly personalize the appearance of this smart appliance. The Side-by-Side fridge features Samsung’s new Auto Open Door tech that conveniently releases the door with just a tap on the recessed handle.

The Samsung Bespoke Infinite Line Refrigerator offers a bit of modular flexibility, letting buyers choose from fridge, freezer, or wine cellar models. Whichever combination is chose, the bespoke fridge bears a timeless design that uses simple lines and hiqh-quality materials, bringing a touch of class to your kitchen. And to match is premium exterior appearance, the refrigerator’s interior is refined with Black Metal Cooling that creates a visual illusion of depth while helping keep food fresher at the same time.

Accompanying these new refrigerators is a Bespoke AI Oven whose minimalist design belies its intelligence. With an internal camera and a powerful AI, the oven can detect and alert you when food is about to be burned, though you could also just let the oven decide the cooking time and method depending on the dish inside. In addition to keeping the food inside safe, the oven also helps keep people safe with a Push to Open door that replaces the traditional handle that isn’t just safer to use but also looks more refined and more streamlined.