Dual-screen Lenovo YogaBook 9i may just be the most versatile laptop ever made

It feels like the Surface Duo on steroids…

You know, we’ve spent a better part of the last decade trying to reinvent the phone. Folding phones, sliding phones, phones with two screens, pop-up cameras, anything just to make it look different and unique. Here’s the problem though, the laptop has seen barely any innovation of this vigor. Yes, companies have tried building laptops with better hinges, detachable keyboards, and even replacing the trackpad with a touchscreen. Apple tried the Touch Bar too, remember? None of them have changed the laptop’s core format… none up until now. Lenovo announced the YogaBook 9i today, a laptop that defies expectations by boasting of a dual-screen setup, 180° hinges, a detachable keyboard, a companion stylus, and the ability to use the machine in a dizzying number of new ways (we’ve got images below!)

The two OLED screens measure 14 inches, with one having a resolution of 4K and the other a respectable 2.8K. The laptop’s clamshell format can be propped up thanks to a built-in kickstand, and you can even fold it shut with the display facing outward and use it in tablet mode. Forget what you know about laptops. The YogaBook 9i rewrites all the rules.

Designer: Lenovo

The YogaBook 9i is the world’s first full-size dual-screen laptop. Its format may seem vaguely familiar if you’ve come across Microsoft’s Surface Duo, but the YogaBook 9i is bigger and better, and with an arguably more well-outlined UX. At 14 inches, the two screens make more sense being split apart the way they are. They’re big enough to be viewed independently, and when used together, you’re more likely to run split-screen multitasking rather than watch a large video on it with the bezel running through the middle. In that regard, the YogaBook 9i is a multitasking beast, with the ability to work as both a laptop and a tablet, and occasionally even a book… all of them in both landscape and portrait formats.

The device is a collaborative effort between Lenovo and Microsoft, who helped create the perfect Windows experience for two screens. The two screens, 4K and 2.8K respectively, run 60Hz and are designed to be touch-responsive and work with the stylus. A Bluetooth keyboard becomes the perfect add-on accessory, giving you the ability to use the YogaBook 9i as a laptop or desktop, should you choose.

The laptop’s contortionist design gives it a variety of use-cases. You can rest the keyboard on the lower screen and use it as a traditional laptop, or separate the keyboard for a split-screen work machine. The screens can be propped up at an angle for added adjustability, or flipped vertically for a unique portrait-mode split-screen format. When presenting to someone like a client, the display can be rested in ‘tent mode’ to display a slide presentation on one screen while viewing and controlling the presentation from the second screen.

As impressive as the dual-display setup is, the YogaBook 9i is also made to be a tough, capable machine. It’s built on the Intel Evo platform and runs Windows 11, offering unique dual-screen touch-sensitive functionality that may just be the first ever from a non-Microsoft company. The YogaBook 9i has a 13th Gen Intel Core i7 chip on the inside, with 16GB of RAM and up to 1TB of SSD storage. The laptop’s 360° rotating hinge also doubles up as a soundbar with Bowers & Wilkins audio drivers for a rich, immersive audio experience. Each YogaBook comes with a detachable Bluetooth keyboard and a companion stylus. The hybrid laptop will be available in a rich, eye-catching Tidal Teal with a starting price of $2099.99, and will ship in eco-conscious packaging featuring cushion materials, a gift box, and an outer box all made from 100% recycled paper starting June 2023.