This IoT ballpen uses built-in cameras and sensors to convert all your notes into a digital format

Instead of spending nearly a grand on an iPad Pro and Pencil, the Nuwa Pen is a $179 device (pre-order price) that just actively digitizes your notes and doodles in real-time. Announced at CES 2023, the Nuwa looks just like any other ordinary pen, but comes with a built-in motion sensor and a triple camera array that captures what you’re writing, whether it’s a post-it note or a full-length essay, and saves a digital version of it, sharing it with you through the Nuwa app. All your notes are end-to-end encrypted too, which is more than what you can say for most note-taking apps.

Designer: Nuwa Innovation

The Nuwa pen outwardly looks pretty much like any other pen. There aren’t any wires, the gadget isn’t bulky. It looks sleek for the most part, and just has a slightly bulbous tip, where the sensors and cameras sit. Support for an infrared light sensor also allows the Nuwa to work in lower light conditions. The Nuwa pen is equipped to detect 4096 pressure levels, with the combination of sensors working in tandem to capture a high-quality version of your text in your unique handwriting. “Handwriting represents a deeply personal form of thinking”, says Nuwa’s founder and CEO, Mark Tunier.

The pen runs on a standard D1 ink cartridge that can easily be replaced once it runs out. Replacing the refill is easy too, and can be done without any technical expertise. On a full charge, the Nuwa can provide up to 2 hours worth of use, and can be recharged simply by resting it in its charging stand. The pen’s internal digitizing system only begins working when the pen touches paper, so as to cleverly optimize battery usage.

Notes are digitized right on the device and shared via Bluetooth to your phone. The Nuwa app can be used to sync your notes and take backups of them online, or even share them with team members via mail or through productivity tools. The Nuwa app is free of charge, although it does have a premium paid version that offers additional features like OCR which converts your handwritten text into an editable format.