These energy efficient petal-shaped desk lamps will occupy minimum space on your cluttered desk

Designed by Koncept co-founders Kenneth Ng and Edmund Ng, the Splitty Pro Gen 2 lamps are a revamped and modified version of the brand’s original Splitty design. The original Splitty lamp design was marked by a flat, gently-curving, petal-like head, which is reminiscent of a water droplet!

Designer: Koncept

The Splitty Pro Gen 2 lamps have been updated with quite a few intriguing features – such as saving energy and enhancing the experience of users. The Gen 2 lamps come with more added functionality, such as tunable colors – including a warm 2700K to a cool white 5000K. These colors ensure that the lamps can be adapted and utilized for different uses and functions.

The lamps have also been equipped with a USB-C charging port, adjustable brightness, and an occupancy sensor, that switches off the lamp if it hasn’t been active for 15 minutes straight. This reduces energy usage by quite a bit. In fact, the Gen 2 lamp also comes along in two versions – the Splitty Pro and the Splitty Reach Pro. The Splitty Reach Pro has been amped with an articulated arm, which supports extra adjustability.

The Gen 2 lamps are also quite versatile since they can be desk or wall-mounted, which ensures that they don’t occupy too much space on your desk. These lamps are a great option for those who often suffer from a cluttered desk, and can’t seem to tidy it up, no matter how much they try!