This off-grid wooden cabin in the Italian mountains doubles up as a quaint yoga retreat

Positioned on the edge of a hill, surrounded by the Apennine Mountains, and overlooking the Trebbia Valley near Genoa, is a minimal off-grid cabin called the Hermitage Cabin. This beautiful wooden cabin was built for “contemplation and introspection”, and occupies only 12 square meters. It can function as a secluded little home or even a cozy yoga retreat!

Designer: Llabb

Italian architecture studio Llabb drew inspiration from Scandinavian cabins and Japanese teahouses while designing the Hermitage. The cabin is raised on four wooden and steel supports, which stand on a base of sandstone beds. It features an intriguing modular form created from Okoume marine plywood in Llabb’s carpentry workshop!

“The basicness of construction, the minimal impact on the land, and the use of natural materials that can be easily sourced locally enable a respectful installation in natural contexts. These Hermitages put human beings back in touch with nature by lightening the anthropization load that marks all building activities,” said Llabb co-founder Luca Scardulla.

The cabin creates minimum impact on its surrounding landscape, and is in fact,” easily scalable and adaptable into different compositions”. It strategically extends over the edge of a hill. This portion of the cabin features a full-height glazed end, with a sliding door that provides access to a quaint wooden terrace. The terrace is protected by a retractable fabric awning. The Hermitage Cabin is also wholly off-grid! It has been equipped with photovoltaic panels on the roof, as well as a composting toilet and water canisters in the washroom.

“Minimal and flexible, with the expansive glass wall facing the terrace, the space feels light and contemplative,” said Llabb co-founder Federico Robbiano. “The interplay between different levels offers the possibility to better manage storage spaces and technical compartments while contributing to the definition of a graceful atmosphere,” finished Robbiano.

The interiors of the home are warm, wooden, and inviting. It is marked by a long countertop on the right side of the cabin. A letterbox window is positioned above the countertop, and it can be used as a seat or a desk with storage space. On the other side is a cozy seating section, and a fold-out bed. There is a small bathroom at the back of the cabin.

The Hermitage Cabin is a beautifully minimalistic and flexible cabin that can function as a picturesque space to unwind or even practice yoga in! Surrounded by nature on all sides, it is the ultimate escape from city life.