Saul Nash x Mercedes-Benz collaborate for a gaming centric sportswear collection

Gaming is largely a static activity that lacks any major muscle flexing like in real-life sporting regimes. Breaking this notion, British menswear designer Saul Nash has invested his skill in envisioning a world of movement – amalgamating fashion and Esports for a unique collection to celebrate the 25th anniversary of E-Sports team SK Gaming.

The third spearhead in this exclusive partnership is Mercedes-Benz to bring together a rare collaboration of three contrasting worlds. The final creation is a collection of garments clad in E-Sports influence with the “sleek design and exquisite heritage of the German automotive giant.

Designer: Saul Nash

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This limited-edition capsule collection premiered at SK Gaming’s 25th-anniversary event in Cologne, Germany. There are two striking pieces in this fashion-forward collection that’ll make gamers look sexier than ever. A long-sleeve compression shirt (half-zipped and high-closing collared) Saul calls The Digital Gradient Top. The second one dubbed The Dashboard Jacket is a reversible sports jacket drenched in a lilac-blue mesh pattern. It has a recycled polyester inside lining and the back shows off both the big brands’ logos. The jacket gets mesh inserts on the sides and inside of the sleeve to address perspiration. Both these garments are tightly fitted without compromising the performance capabilities thanks to the lycra material.

As per Julia Hofmann, Mercedes-Benz AG Head of Brand Collaborations, the collection is not only aimed at E-sports fanatics but fitness-obsessed individuals who want functional sportswear that’s high on modern looks. Nash, resonated with the view and added that the project was an “exciting space to explore three worlds that at first instance may not fit together.” The talented designer is a perfect fit for the Mercedes-Benz approach who has a vision of reaching new audiences with its refreshing approach.

The Gradient Top can be bought for approximately $94 while the Dashboard Jacket will cost around $157 right away from the SK Gaming website.