Sandmarc’s clip-on polarizing filter for the iPhone camera helps reduce glare to make your photos pop

Have you ever tried taking a photo of fish in a pond only to realize that your camera is catching the reflections on top of the water instead of the fish IN the water? Or how about trying to take a photo from your airplane window at night, but struggling with the fact that your phone’s reflection keeps coming in the photo? Reflections can sometimes really enhance a photo, but at other times, they’re just a hindrance. Think back to the time when you tried taking a selfie while wearing spectacles and all you got were reflections of things around you instead of the camera capturing your eyes… The way you eliminate those reflections is by using what’s called a polarizing filter – a special piece of glass that can selectively block out reflections and allow certain wavelengths of light to pass through. Designed to do precisely that, Sandmarc’s Drama Polarizer Filter comes with a clip-on feature that lets you easily attach it to iPhone cameras or practically any other smartphone camera. The Drama Polarizer Filter covers all three lenses on the iPhone camera and can be rotated to help you allow certain wavelengths to pass through to your camera. The Drama Polarizer Filter is perhaps the easiest, quickest hack to better photography. You can use it to cut reflections, accentuate colors, and even boost contrast to create photos that just look better because you’ve now got control over the light that makes it into your camera’s lens!

Designer: Sandmarc

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The filter either clips onto the back of your phone, or if you’re using a Sandmarc iPhone case, it screws into the special mounting system built into the case’s camera cutout. To use the filter, just fire your camera app, compose your shot, and rotate the filter to choose what wavelengths to let through. Rotating the filter changes what wavelengths the filter allows, and just the way you’d turn the ring on a camera lens to focus on an object, you turn the polarizer filter to focus on a wavelength. Once you notice a difference and when you feel the composition looks good, click away! Or hey, you could record videos too…

Designed as a part of Sandmarc’s existing line of smartphone camera filters, the Drama Polarizer Filter fits directly onto other Sandmarc lenses, like their Telephoto, Anamorphic and Wide Lenses.

The filter does a variety of things, although cutting glare is probably one of its prime functions. Whether you’re taking photos of someone through a glass window, or of a friend (or yourself) wearing spectacles or sunglasses, or even of a lovely lake or pond, you can now use the filter to eliminate reflections entirely to allow for crystal clear photos with zero glare and great detail.

Sometimes multiple wavelengths of light clash with one another, creating a ‘haze’ of colors. With the Drama Polarizing Filter, you can cut down on unwanted wavelengths to get better color reproduction and higher dynamic range. You could take photos of brilliant blue skies by eliminating all the non-blue frequencies, or take incredible green landscapes by focusing on the green wavelength. The lens does much more than just eliminate glare, it eliminates wavelengths you don’t need either, allowing your camera to capture just the right photo by accentuating and focusing on certain colors and wavelengths… so you can take some truly beautiful photos that look like they were shot on camera, but essentially, they were shot on your smartphone!

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