Frank Lloyd Wright’s wooden Taliesin lamps were reproduced by a Japanese brand

Late architect Frank Lloyd Wright designed beautiful wooden lamps for his 1911 Taliesin house in Wisconsin. The Japanese brand Yamagiwa was completely enamored by these minimalistic lamps, and decided to reproduce and make them available to the people!

Designer: Frank Lloyd Wright

Yamagiwa took permission from the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation and created three stunning versions of Wright’s Taliesin lamp. They produced a floor lamp and two table lamps. The Taliesin lamp is really quite intriguing because it is stacked! The reproduced lamps are crafted from a series of rectangular solid wood boxes which are stacked one on top of the other, creating a tower-like formation. Shafts of light stream down this tower, and bounce off the wooden reflectors, creating a warm and subtle glow, which mimics the appearance of sunlight in nature.

“[Wright] was impressed by nature, and thought sunlight and moonlight filtered through leaves and branches are most beautiful,” said Yamagiwa.

Hence, if you look closely, the Taliesin lamps seem to emit an illumination that subtly gives the impression of sunlight streaming down on the ground. Wright’s love for nature and the inspiration he drew from organic and natural light are beautifully reflected in the Taliesin lamps.

The lamps are available in a variety of woods – oak, cherry, and walnut wood. You can also opt for a black painted finish, which is crafted from chestnut wood.