This digital detox Griptok comes with its own charging dock

For a phoneholic their smartphone means the world. Ones staring at the screen multiple hours at a stretch, and seeking out ways to increase their time. While that’s completely polar opposite to ones seeking the good old digital detox, it’s another opportunity for product designers to cash in on.

This Griptok for Gen-Z is unlike any other similar gadget on the market with its extended functionality. The ability to limit engagement with the phone by setting psychological goals and visual cues, so that you burn less time watching the screen without purpose and invest more in productive activities.

Designer: Unae Ko and Janchi

The concept gadget accessory brings to the fore a function that’s highly practical to do away with smart device addiction. The idea here is simple yet effective. The Griptok can be set in the usable position when the user requires to grip the phone for taking pictures or consuming multimedia. When the time comes to have a digital detox, the GripTok lock can be pushed down to activate the limit on the apps one can use. Yes, this accessory connects to the mobile device via Bluetooth to actuate this function. Here, the user can set app limits or something like a focus mode to not get distracted in moments when peak focus is paramount to completing tasks. The elapsed focus time (called burn time) is displayed on the lockscreen and adds to the overall brownie points.

Burnner also comes with its own charging station to fire up (as the designer puts it metaphorically) the smartphone. This lets you feel connected at all times, yet have the resilience to not use the phone. Keeping up with Gen-Z’s craving for cool designs, the Burnner will purposefully come in an overabundance of peppy color options.