Minion-like robots servers may become our cute new robot overlord

I grew up on The Jetsons and I loved seeing all of the “futuristic” things that they showed, some of which are actually a reality now. One of the things that I thought would be really cool is to have robots serving you at your house. That is until I watched Battlestar Galactica and that was replaced with the fear of robots eventually becoming our overlords. Still, having little, harmless robots running around may still have a certain appeal.

Designers: Dawn BYSJ, Juwon Lee

If you like the idea of having robots around your house and you’re a fan of the Minions, then this concept for a Minion Serving Robot would be of interest to you. It’s not an actual Minion like from the movies but the design aims to give off a Minion-y vibe, from the vibrant yellow and blue colors and to the shape that brings to mind those little yellow creatures running around.

The serving robot has a C-shape body and has three wheels to get it moving around your space. It’s designed to be like a small scooter except that it will move things around rather than people. There are three layers of trays where you can put all your food and drinks that you want it to “serve” to you at your dining table. There’s a knob at the back that looks like the eye of the Minion although I don’t really know what its function is.

There are no other information about this concept but I’m assuming there’s some kind of app that will control how the serving robot moves around. We don’t know if there’s artificial intelligence involved as well but that would be cool. But when it starts becoming sentient, I’m turning it off. I’d rather serve my own food than have a Minion overlord.