‘Incredibly clever’ telescopic VELO Luggage bag can expand or contract based on how much you’re packing

The most game-changing idea in travel luggage design doesn’t even use an ounce of tech or a single smart sensor…

I’m assuming that, just like me, you own at least two travel cases. A larger one for longer holidays (that gets checked in at the airport), and a smaller one for short trips and out-of-town business meetings (that gets carried onto the plane as cabin luggage). While that sounds like a pretty sensible idea to begin with, the folks behind the VELO Luggage will have you believe that owning two travel cases of different sizes is just a waste of space and money. Why buy two cases, they ask instead, when one could just do the trick? Equipped with a pretty ingenious telescopic design, the VELO Luggage basically expands and contracts in size, giving you a small cabin bag when you need to go on a short weekend getaway, or a large travel case for those longer trips. Heck, the VELO Luggage even adjusts to a medium size, allowing you to choose between three different travel cases, all in just one simple design.

Designer: VELO Design

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Although the idea of using a telescopic schematic dates back hundreds of years, the VELO Luggage’s implementation of the shape-shifting format feels incredibly new and inspired. Thanks to its rather clever design, the travel case goes from a compact 40L cabin bag to a mid-size 56L check-in case all the way to a large 72L check-in case. Its width during this transformation remains unaltered, but rather the bag expands vertically, giving you nearly double the space simply by pulling its two halves apart.

The VELO Luggage does this while still managing to be incredibly robust and durable, thanks to a 4-part hard-shell construction that’s made from up to polycarbonate, supported by an aerospace-grade aluminum frame for that sturdy design sans the weight. It features an ergonomic handle that sits flush within the frame when closed, and opens out when needed (using the same telescopic design) to adjust to all of the VELO Luggage’s 3 height settings.

The height setting is perhaps the VELO Luggage’s biggest achievement, and I won’t be surprised if this becomes the standard soon, just like USB ports on travel cases have become the de-facto symbol of product innovation. However, what VELO does is much more creative and adds measurable value to the traveling experience. Built with a patented joint design that allows you to basically alter the size of your travel case, the VELO Luggage means you never have to choose between luggage sizes again. No matter how long your vacation or trip is, VELO pretty much has you sorted, even letting you extend your holidays, need be! The bag expands and contracts thanks to this unique mechanism while being strong enough to easily withstand you sitting or standing on it, and being water-resistant throughout.

That expanding space isn’t just a magical one-off feature, though. The designers at VELO were mindful enough to follow through by making the inner space of the travel case modular in nature. The VELO comes with compression panels that adjust to the size of the case, as well as multiple dividers and packing cubes that allow you to stay modular and organized while traveling, along with even the quintessential laptop carrying sleeve and inflatable neck pillow that are almost synonymous with travel these days. The VELO Luggage also comes with the latest TSA 008 lock, 360° silent wheels, and as yet another testament to its mindful design, an integrated bottom handle that lets you easily lift the suitcase up for when you’re stowing it in the boot of your car, picking it up to place on the conveyor belt at the airport, or just lifting it to place on your bed while packing/unpacking.

It seems like the only place where the VELO Luggage seems to fall somewhat short is in the fact that it only comes in one color. Yes, I’m being incredibly nitpicky here, given that there’s very little to fault with this seemingly magical piece of luggage. Each VELO Luggage is physically stress tested for drops, rolls, tumbles, pressure, and impact to ensure that the case can easily withstand even the roughest of handling. To sweeten the deal, the VELO Luggage (which starts at an incredibly affordable $219) comes with an international 2-year warranty on the case’s construction. You can pre-order your own VELO Luggage below, with global shipping starting January 2023.

Click Here to Buy Now: $239 $399 (40% off). Hurry, only 11/40 left! Raised over $660,000.