This tiny pocket drum machine lets you sample, remix, and drop beats anywhere

With a dynamic touchscreen, two knobs, 4 buttons, MIDI inputs/outputs, a MicroSD card slot, and the ability to be connected to a variety of electronic instruments, the nanobox razzmatazz from 1010music is more powerful than it’ll have you believe. The mini drum sequencer is compact yet incredibly versatile, combining FM synthesis and sampling into its list of abilities, so you can literally turn even noisy traffic into sick beats!

Designer: 1010music

The $399 razzmatazz is the third in 1010music’s food-themed nanobox series. Following the fireball and lemondrop, the pink raspberry-themed drum sequencer promises to be ‘berry’ delightful at letting you sample audio, compose rhythms, and export them for music production and live performances.

The nanobox razzmatazz comes with 120 of its own presets, while allowing you to load your own samples using the MicroSD card slot, or even record 30-second samples using the line input on the back. You can create performances/loops using up to 8 pads, with compositions as long as 64 bars thanks to the touchscreen interface that lets you scroll nearly infinitely. Once your audio samples/presets are selected, razzmatazz lets you adjust primary parameters for each drum model using macro controls and add effects like delay, reverb, and distortion. For serious audio enthusiasts, the razzmatazz even allows you to individually sculpt and fine-tune the sound of each drum pad using filters, envelopes, distortion, a resonator, snap transient generation, bit crushing, and rate crushing.

Your samples and rhythms can then be easily integrated with other synths, drum machines, and audio devices using MIDI in/out ports, or even the USB-C port on the rear… or if you’re just looking to play around with the razzmatazz and explore its solo capabilities, its portable and nearly indestructible design is perfect for carrying around in your backpack and messing about with while at a coffee shop or on the subway.