This ‘rolling hairbrush’ helps detangle extremely frizzy hair while also evenly applying haircare products

Designed primarily for afro-textured hair (which can be notoriously difficult to work with), the Nyfasi is a unique detangling hairbrush that separates curls while also uniformly applying creams/shampoos/conditioners. It comes with a 3-part design, including a wide-toothed comb, a textured roller, and a lid. Built with a hollow design, the Nyfasi opens up to let you pour shampoo, conditioner, or mousse into it. Once closed, use it as you’d use a normal comb and the roller helps uniformly distribute the contents inside the brush while gently detangling extreme frizz.

Designer: Dominik Bini

“There are few haircare products designed for the particular requirements of the Black and Afro Hair community, which has largely been ignored by the major beauty brands”, says designer Dominik Bini. Built with a patented mechanism to do two crucial things simultaneously, Nyfasi helps detangle frizzy hair while also applying haircare products evenly onto the frizzy locks. This could be any sort of creamy or gel-based product, be it shampoo, conditioner, mousse, etc. “The product has been extensively designed and tested by the users themselves to celebrate and support natural, healthy Black and Afro hair”, Bini mentions.

Uniquely designed for highly textured hair, the Nyfasi comb makes applying lotions onto your hair easier. Current methods involve taking ‘coin-sized amounts’ of products in your hands and then applying them manually. With Nyfasi’s patent-pending release mechanism, the comb does it with simple strokes, while also separating the hair into individual locks to make them look better. The Nyfasi can be used while bathing or even before/after, and its inner chamber can be used to hold and apply shampoos, conditioners, or a wide variety of haircare products. The products need to have a thick lotion-like consistency, and the Nyfasi doesn’t work with thin hair oils. Studies show that the “application of conditioner [using the Nyfasi] at the point of detangling has been shown to cut lotion use by as much as 70%.”

The Nyfasi is a winner of the iF Design Award for the year 2022.