These Japanese geometric scissors double up as quirky templates

When you need scissors, you’re probably looking to just cut something. You need something that will perform its function and not something that’s unique or pretty. Well, at least if what you need is just something that can cut through paper, plastic, or whatever needs cutting. But if you want something that will look pretty on your workspace or something that can do other functions than just cutting, then there’s apparently a Japanese brand that’s been doing that for decades now.

Designer: Zencix

The Trisqucle scissors come in different shapes than the usual scissors that we see. There is a triangle, square, and circle-shaped pair of scissors, which is probably where the name trisqucle comes from. Aside from cutting things, the accessories can also be used as shape templates with various sizes of circles and as a ruler and compass in case you need it for your office work or school work. The items are made from steel and have various colors as for some parts like the holder, circle shapes, etc.

These unique-looking scissors have apparently been around since the 80s and was created by the Japanese, who are of course known for some pretty unique products. But after a lengthy “hiatus” the Trisqucle is now back and is now called Shape Scissors and is being distributed by a U.K stationery brand called Present & Correct. But if you want something that feels a bit antique, a pair of vintage scissors are available in auction site Worthpoint.

For those that want to join the more modern era of school and office accessories, then the Shape Scissors may be more your jam. As someone who has problems with regular-looking scissors, I don’t think I’d want a pair to use for my cutting needs. But as decoration for my desk, then this can be a welcome addition.