This Porsche inspired speedboat is an amphibious 911 for automotive collectors

The Porsche 911 has stamped its authority on the roads all these years with the unique design and power to keep fans interested. So, what more could that Porsche 911 cabriolet be? A speedboat riding the waters in that sublime Porsche style, perhaps!

This Amphibious 911 is a Craig Craft 168 Boss up and nicknamed the Porsche Boat. The speedboat is up on Bring A Trailer for auction and given its appeal, the ride could go for a high price tag.

Designer: Bring A Trailer 

You could call this a speedboat with Porsche skin as everything is not related to the iconic car in any way. That’s because it is powered by a GM-sourced 4.3-liter V6 engine, and hooked to a Berkley jet drive unit (with hydraulically-actuated reverse bucket) capable of forward and reverse propulsion. The twin Bosch round headlights are raised above the bow and elements like the mirrors, windscreen and curvaceous lines replicate the brand’s appeal. The badging and logos on the outside and inside also instill faith in its Porsche origin.

The fiberglass hull is clad in black and yellow color for a classic German automotive influence, and is well complimented by the matching interior. On the inside, this four-seater speedboat gets a premium stereo system, ski pylon, bucket seats and front storage for stashing up your essentials on a long water drive. That 80 mph speedometer, tachometer and gauges further add the element of nostalgia. Without a semblance of doubt, fat-pocketed buyers who already own the black 964 or 993-generation 911 cabriolet will want to get this home.

According to the listing the boat was stored for over 27 years, and last year got a V6 engine replacement. The seller also claims the Porsche Boat has been only used for cruising for around three hours. That includes the run time when it was with the previous owner. So, practically speaking, this speedboat is as good as new in that sense. At the time of writing, the bid has reached up to $21,500, and it’ll be interesting to see how much more it finally auctions for.